About Us

If you’re ready to finally get rid of that junk car that’s been cluttering up your driveway for some time, it’s time to call National Junk Cars.

We have years of experience in this industry. We have been helping people get rid of their junk cars for a long time now. A more importantly than anything else, we like to provide our customers with a fair price for all of the junk vehicles that they no longer need.

That’s why National Junk Cars is considered a cut above the rest. We provide excellent service, have great drivers that are very courteous and kind and care about your needs, and we can most definitely come to some type of an agreement to help you finally get rid of that junk car.

Why Choose National Junk Cars?

Well, there are a number of reasons. We want you to learn more about us and why we feel we are the best option for you.

Some of the reasons to choose our company include:

  • many years of experience in the junk car business
  • we also sell cars so if you’re a salvage yard, dealership or anyone else in need of junk vehicles, we are the company to call
  • we have professional and polite drivers
  • we pay you immediately, right on the spot, in cash
  • we offer realistic and fair payouts for all of your junk vehicles
  • we are a fast and easy solution for getting rid of old vehicles that you no longer want

Clearly, many of you are here because you are looking for a company with a good reputation. You’re looking for a company that is going to come to your home, pick up the junk car, put cash in your hand on the very same day and make this experience very easy to accomplish because you only have to deal with a polite driver that has your best interest in mind.

Everything that we mentioned above is all you need to know about National Junk Cars. We are a cut above the rest in this industry and we would love to help you because we value our customers and we want what is best for you.

Do You Really Pay Cash for Junk Cars?

One of the things that many people often have a hard time believing is the fact that we actually pay cold hard cash for junk cars. We are not talking about handing you a check that will take 7 to 10 business days to clear.

On the contrary, we will come to an agreement with you about the price. And when our driver comes to your home or other location to pick up the vehicle, he will come with cash in hand. We are talking about real dollars that you can immediately spend any way that you please. So if you’re in any kind of a cash crunch, calling National Junk Cars is a great way to put quick money in your pocket.

Call National Junk Cars today for all of your junk car removal needs.