Nowadays, there are various ways to sell your rundown car to a willing car dealer or private buyer and it can be a manageable task, even for someone without selling experience.
The first thing to do, and possibly the most important is to determine the value of your vehicle. The asking price should be based on the following considerations:

• What is the age in terms of the number of years owned and mileage? If your car is not over 12 years old and the odometer reads below 120K miles, then you have a better chance of being able to sell it quick.

• What is the state of your vehicle’s engine, transmission, exterior, and interior conditions? These will also help determine your asking price. Any additional improvements on your vehicle should be considered, as well as potential parts that may need fixing by the new owner.

• Compare your vehicle to similar ones that are currently up for sale in various listings to find out if the condition and price that you are asking for is competitive. Adjust if you priced it too low or too high.

• When you have a clear picture of how much you want to get in exchange for your vehicle, look for a reputable dealer or a private buyer who is looking for a car similar to yours.
A car that is over 12 years old, have over 120,000 miles, and is no longer in good working condition may still sell for its parts. Here are the options available for you, if your vehicle belongs to this category:
• Look for junk car dealers online or in the phone directory. Negotiate for free pick-up and a fair price of your vehicle.

• If you have ample experience disassembling a vehicle, you can certainly do this and sell via eBay or Craigslist to expand your market to private individuals who are looking for specific parts. You can recycle or sell used batteries and tires as well. You may or may not sell spare batteries, catalytic converter and tires along with the junk car because you can sell these for much higher values online. If you do sell them along with the junk car, however, negotiate for extra payment.

• A rusty, dilapidated vehicle may only be good for selling to a salvage yard. Expect them to charge a small amount for picking up your scrap vehicle from your address.

• You may also donate it online, if you think selling it is not worth the trouble and nobody would take it after a period of being on sale. All you need to do is to provide details about the brand, model, year, and condition. This will help you take out as much as the vehicle’s value against your tax return. No need to get a title if you are going this route.