Do you have an old clunker lying around on your property? Although it’s been sitting around for years, you don’t have the money to pay to get it repaired, or the skills to do it yourself. So, what do you do? Just leave it lying around?

Calling Chicago Junk Car is probably the first thing you should do. To begin with, old cars laying around can become hazardous to your health. The car can become a breeding ground for insects and bacteria as liquid and fluids, and also presents a potentially danger if you have children who might want to play in or around the old vehicle.

So, what are your options? Is it worth anything if it is sold?

Absolutely! Even though the car might not run, so doesn’t have much value in the respect, it can be sold in parts. Many dealers are in the market for used parts to repair working vehicles, and piece by piece you can actually get a pretty decent price for the car. Take the battery out of the car. Taking it to be recycled isn’t only eco-friendly, but it can actually make you a bit of cash.

Doing a comparison might be a good idea. Getting an idea what similar cars in the same condition would sell for. It’s important to realize that just because the car isn’t working, doesn’t make it worthless.

If you are able to take the car to a junk dealer personally you will obviously make more for it. If that isn’t possible, don’t worry, there are a lot of dealers that are willing to do location pickups.

Looking online for dealers is also a great idea. Search for sites that offer the service in your area, and find out how much they would be willing to give you for the car. The sit back and wait for the check to come in. Many of these sites can give you an immediate estimate online, and how much the value of the car would be.

Check out your local classifieds: many people place adds looking for junk cars to purchase. This might be a great way to find a buyer for your car. If that doesn’t work, taking out an add offering your car for sale is another option. Private individuals and dealers tend to keep their ear to the ground looking for good deals.

Make sure you do your research and know how much your car is worth before selling it. Avoid over charging or you might scare away potential buyers. If the buyers is picking up the car from you, then take into account that the service is usually discounted from the price.

Keep in mind that you might need to supply the title in order to legally sell the junk car. Be aware that if some states, vehicles that are older than ten years old don’t need a title in order to be legally sold.

Of course, if you just want to get rid of the car you could always donate it. There are many charitable organizations who pick up and transport cars to sell, and raise funds for their charitable organizations. The most important thing, is to not leave the car in your yard.